Produktnr.: 113161
Dynamic display device with built-in eye control and a 12" capacitive touch screen, 2 hot swappable batteries, 2 built-in speakers, protective Gorilla glass, web camera and forward facing camera, 5 buttons, 3 USB, connector to external screen (HDMI), Ethernet, 2 switch ports and headphones port, power supply, and a Tobii QR Adapter plate for Daessy and REHAdapt. WLAN, Bluetooth to cell phone, and Environmental control unit are activated as standard. Included software is Communicator 5, Sono Suite & Snap Scene installed on the device and a Communicator 5 companion license, Windows 10, a 30 days Eye FXs trial version, Look to Learn trial version. Full user manual on the device.
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Produktnr.: A111050

Tobii PC Eye Go er en lille øjenstyringsenhed, der kan monteres på en bærbar PC eller en monitor fra 15" til 24" incl. Tobii Gaze Selection og Tobii Mouse Emulation software

DKK 8.543,00 *

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