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AMAneo BTi, Musefunktion på iOS enheder, iPad mv.

Varenummer:   C20540
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Manual engelsk 
World first: AMAneo BTi enables people with disabilities to operate iPad & iPhone by mouse.
Until now, it was not possible for you to control your iPhone or iPad with a mouse or a mouse replacement.
With AMAneo BTi you can now operate your iOS device with any assistive or ergonomic mouse.

It works with any iPhone 5s or higher, iPad 4 or higher, iPad mini or higher, without any additional app. Simply connect AMAneo BTi by Bluetooth: the touch pointer will appear on the display.

Ergonomic mouse & tremor filter
Millions of people suffer from a severe hand tremor, e.g. caused by Parkinson's disease.
The severe tremor makes it more or less impossible to operate iPad or iPhone.
AMAneo BTi with its innovative anti-tremor filter and additional functions for assistive mouse use will enable many people to use iPad and iPhone for the first time.

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